Location, Location, Location

Location is KING

Understandably one of the most important considerations in choosing your home, the house’s location should be well within reach of important utilities and establishments.

Is the property easily accessible? Take note of which schools, markets, churches, hospitals and government centers that are near to the proposed property.

How long will you get to these establishments? The travel time from your home to your place of destination is determined by the road networks and public transportation serving your property.

At times, you should also check existing projects before finally judging an area’s traffic situation. Consider the on-going projects such as new highways, road widening and improvements that will soon benefit your property.

One good example is the general vicinity of Mandurriao District and that in Pavia. With the massive developments coming in at Iloilo which are being concentrated at these areas, the government is undertaking several road projects such as the improvement and widening of the Benigno Aquino Avenue (popularly known as Diversion Road), the R. Mapa Street widening, the Circumferential Road 1 Project, Felix Gorriceta Avenue reblocking and widening, and others. These will soon benefit the general vicinity of Iloilo’s suburban center – Pavia, and its emerging business district – Mandurriao.

Consider also the COMMUNITY

Since your home is a long-term or even lifetime investment, you should check the quality of the community which you planned to live with it.

Is there an active homeowners’ organization in place? Homeowners Associations (HOA) are registered with the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) as a requirement among subdivision projects to oversee the maintenance of the project upon completion, to look after the needs of the residents, and to settle disputes inside the community. A vibrant and active HOA contributes to the safety and security of a certain village.

Also, are there ample open spaces where you can interact with your neighbors? Are there facilities such as playgrounds and parks where your children can play safe with other kids?

And finally, Ilonggos love to socialize and interact with their neighbors. A well-organized association also coordinates and holds events to foster unity among the residents. These events include sports events, Christmas parties, information drives, etc.


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